Registries: Toy – AKC; Toy –CKC; Pinscher and Schnauzer – FCI; Companion – UKC; Companion and Toy – PCCI

Origin: Germany


Other than being cute and cuddly this small, compact terrier-type dog will surely melt your heart! Commonly referred to as the “Monkey Dog” because of their physical appearance – the name was derived from the German Affe (ape, monkey).

Dates back to the 17th century, this breed was the first of the two other “monkey-faced” dog breeds, the Griffon Belge and the Griffon Bruxellosis. Believed to have once existed in two sizes, the smaller, which is today as the toy terrier, and the larger one which has become extinct.

Average Life Span: 12 years

Size: Small – Toy

Coat Length: Short

Common Ailments: Legg Perthes Disease, Brain (Congenital), Eye Corneal Wound or Trauma, Hydrocephalus, Thyroid, Heart Issues

Weight: 7 – 9 lbs. (3 – 6kgs)

Height: 9 – 11.5inches. (23 – 30cm)

Color: Black, Black and Tan, Salt and Pepper, Silver. Beige. Red


Because of their sporting instincts, this breed was originally bred for catching rats and mice. They are intelligent, independent and very confident dogs. Although make wonderful pets, they are very protective with their owners. Affenpinschers are fearless, they tend to dislike strangers and are not afraid to show it. Early socialization is the key to reduce this aggressiveness. This breed is mostly quiet but shows no fear towards aggressor.

Affenpinchers are territorial with their toys and food, so households with small babies are not recommended to have this breed.

Loyal, gentle, brave and charming, big-hearted are the most-liked traits of this breed. If you need a companion that will keep you entertained for hours, the Affenpinscher is for you! J


The Affenpinschers require minimal shedding. The coat is always rough and shaggy. This breed also appears on the lists of dogs that allegedly do not shed. However, occasionally brushing is needed to remove debris and dead hairs. Stray hairs grow in the corner of the eyes and should be removed immediately to avoid irritation.




The Affenpinschers are not called “Mustached Little Devils” for no reason. They could be very difficult to house break.  Crate training is required to prevent the authoritarian attitude. Firmness and consistency is also required when training this breed. Affenpinschers do not respond to repetition.

Breed Overall Summary:

  • Household: Indoor exercise, Great with apartment or city living
  • Health: Many inherited health problems
  • Grooming: Brushing twice a week
  • Training: Difficult
  • Family: Good but not with small kids
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